Implant Failures: Prevention, Identification and Treatment

December 15-16, 2017

Learning objectives
• Create predictable and optimal patient outcomes for implant and
regenerative therapies
• Understand how to identify, treat and prevent dental implant failures and
complications, including peri-implantitis
• Learn techniques to achieve predictable dental implant outcomes in your
practice for your patients
• Realize the importance of pre-treatment planning and indications for
regenerative and implant therapies
Program description
In a physically healthy patient, regeneration of 6 mm of bone buccally and 3 mm
of bone vertically is highly predictable. Implant failure rates, including “failing”
immobile implants, should be less than 1 percent after 10 years in function.
Achieving such results requires expansion of diagnostic protocols, incorporation
of more comprehensive treatment modalities, stricter definitions of regenerative
and implant success, an evolved understanding of the impact of implant
dimensions, composition and configuration on treatment outcomes, and the
utilization of only the finest regenerative, implant and restorative materials. The
net result is the creation of a more comprehensive patient – treatment dialectic,
the maximization of treatment outcomes and the minimization of patient
This interactive course will focus on dental implant complications – how to
identify them, treat them, and ultimately, prevent them in your practice. The
course will be customized to participants. After registering, participants will
receive a questionnaire to complete and return prior to the course.
Attendees are encouraged to send us implant cases prior to the course, for group
review and discussion. Please contact Michelle at for
details regarding case submission. Help make this a truly memorable experience!

CE credit 11 Hours

Tuition $1,995.00

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