Patient Information Flip Book

Strengthen communications with referring doctors and increase the quality and quantity of patient referrals through the use of Comfort Function Esthetics.

Comfort Function Esthetics is a personalized flip book highlighting periodontal and implant procedures. Each page highlights a procedure you perform, with a concise explanatory text.

Comfort Function Esthetics is personalized on both the front and back covers with your name, logo and contact information.  This seventeen page, 6” x 8” flip book is designed to be placed in the referring doctors’ reception areas, and the treatment rooms of both referring doctors and their hygienists.

The use of Comfort Function Esthetics by referring doctors inextricably links your name to the procedures being discussed.  Comfort Function Esthetics aids doctors in explaining the need for various therapies, thus increasing both patient acceptance of the referral and patient education prior to arriving at your office. Comfort Function Esthetics has been proven to be an invaluable means by which to strengthen communications with referring doctors and increase referrals.

We have a minimum order of 25 for this product. Orders under 25 will be rejected!

25-49: $29.95 each
50-99: $24.95 each
100-199: $16.95 each
200 or more: $12.95 each

Orders for 600 and over include free imprinting of your practice information.

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