Patient Brochures

These informational brochures are designed to help you explain treatment needs to your patients, during a consultation visit, and to aid your hygienist in explaining such therapies during maintenance care. We have also found these brochures to be extremely useful in the reception area, as patients not only peruse them, but also take them home to show family members and friends, etc. Over the years these brochures have definitely proven effective in both explaining therapy and motivating patients to seek the necessary care.

Each Quantity ordered equals a pack of 100.

500 or less: $75 per hundred
600 or more: $65 per hundred

Free imprinting of your office information on orders of 600 or more.

Crown Lengthening

Esthetic Gingival Recontouring

Placing Implants When Molars Are Extracted

Rebulding Bone

Replacing Your Missing Tooth

Sinus Augmentation

What is an Osteotome Lift

Treating Your Gum Recession GingivalGraft

Regrowing Your Lost Bone