New Date! The Realities of Bone Grafting, Implant Placement and Soft Tissue Management March 28-30, 2019

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Dr. Paul Fugazzotto – Dr. Kanyon Keeney

While bone regenerative techniques to afford the clinician the opportunity to attain previously undreamt of treatment outcomes, specific protocols must be followed to ensure maximization of therapeutic results with minimization of patient morbidity.  Through a combination of observation of six live surgeries, extensive lecture material, roundtable discussion, and hands-on exercises with fresh human cadavers, course participants will become well versed in the indications, contraindications, and execution of all augmentation treatment options.


Lecture topics include:

  • Guided tissue regeneration with membranes
  • Flap designs to maintain primary closure in all situations
  • Ideal socket regeneration
  • Implant placement in atrophic ridges
  • Immediate implant insertion in all areas of the mouth and all types of defect morphologies
  • Indications for piezosurgery
  • Palatal harvesting techniques
  • Emdogain rationale and use
  • Allograft selection and use
  • Root treatment to maximize long-term success
  • Root coverage techniques
  • Soft tissue grafting with GBR therapy
  • Soft tissue grafting at implant placement
  • Decision trees for material and technique selection


Lecture topics include:

  • Piezosurgery utilization
  • Optecure® block technique
  • Implant placement in the following indications:
    • At the time of sinus augmentation
    • In conjunction with osteotome techniques
    • In atrophic ridges
    • In compromised extraction sockets
  • Reinforced and resorbable membrane utilization with fixation
  • Soft tissue graft harvesting techniques:
    • Flapless, double blade and trap door
    • Buccal & palatal pedicle grafts
    • Allograft placement
  • Soft tissue graft placement in conjunction with GBR using resorbable and titanium reinforced membranes
  • Soft tissue grafting at implant placement
  • Flap designs to ensure maintenance of primary closure in all situations

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